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"Steven Ragatz bring(s) polish and panache..."

- Peter Marks, The New York Times

Corporate Events

A lamp-post evolves into multiple spheres, orbiting around a conservative gentleman. He adjusts his necktie. This is no brash street juggler. You’ve just met Steven Ragatz.

Observe as a park bench transforms into many briefcases, which in turn become vehicles of levitation for a man who is the very picture of class and style as he surfs on the briefcases from one side of the stage to the other. Behold an umbrella that attracts a rolling ball instead of repelling drops of rain as it spins in the hands of a suited man whose sly and quiet humor sneak into the hearts of those fortunate enough to see him.

You’ve discovered an elegant gentleman who manipulates ordinary objects with extraordinary grace and unparalleled skill. You’ll wonder at a baffled worker who struggles to move one large crate which suddenly becomes a puzzle of nesting, stacking boxes. You’ll marvel at the four-legged antics of a fantasy stilt creature who defies definition. You’ll have a peek into the secret life of the gentleman who simply can't wake up “The Morning After.”

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Engage your audience with this featured headline act, during meeting session breaks or as a member of large stage productions.