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QUIDAM part deux

Well, it is back to Quidam again in 2006! Although I had a wonderful time performing with the show, the biggest highlight of the year had to be getting to be the interim diabolo coach for the Chinese diabolo act. The girl's primary coach had to leave early for medical reasons, and there were a couple of months that the girls were left without guidance! So, the circus asked me if I would work with them and help them train and maintain their act.

The picture is of Sun-Tong, Sun-Chen, and Li-Anna. They had performed with La Nouba the previous year, so their slippers seemed Disney appropriate!

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Well, after that year, it was back to Quidam AGAIN! The family and I went on the show for 2008 and 2009 touring Mexico, Europe and South America. Too many stories. Too many memories. Too many shows!

3000 performances with Cirque du Soleil - and counting...