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After Pat, Jean and I finished with Mystere for almost three years of shows, we were asked to join Cirque du Soleil's North American Tour. The show was to later be named "Quidam", and the Manipulation act was to be with the circus for another three years.

Well, when the artistic director came to say that the circus wanted us to continue in another show, I was simply floored. Most acts don't get the chance to perform in such a company once, let alone twice! The three of us talked it over and decided that we wanted to have another go at it, and signed on. After only a few weeks break, we were all back in Montreal rehearing another production. I felt both blessed, and condemned at the same time.


If I thought I was "blessed and comdemned" before, imagine my surprise to be called seven years later (on the morning of my 40th birthday none the less) to return to Quidam for the 2006 North America Tour! Back in the role of the "Father" and doing a juggling act as the backup number I will be with the show for nine more US and Canada cities.

Here we go again!