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Half Time Shows

uni jumpDoing half time shows is a trip for me. Everything is big. I mean, really big! The first time I did a juggling act in a large arena, the ceiling totally threw me. It isn't like working outdoors, and it isn't like working indoors, because there is a ceiling, it is just waaay up there. My visual calibration was off and I kept overthrowing everything. All of the tricks than involved high tosses all looked tiny to me. When I finished, I wondered why I was so tired!

Big halogen lights are not the most flattering. To help compensate for the difficult lighting, and the yellow pallor of the wood floors, I used florescent accents on my costumes. They looked so silly up close (I could easily double-book as an Elvis impersonator) but the bold colors and sparkles read well from the seats.

Big tricks were definitely in order as well. Instead of my usual unicycle jump rope trick with a standard unicycle, I had to do it on a six foot one! The rope goes around verrry slowly, and you have to grip very hard with the thighs because the uni is so heavy.

There were lots of big people too. I'm not exactly short at just under 6' 4", but I am dwarfed by the guys on the Pacers team! During the game we were all busy, but several of them showed interest in juggling and came over to demonstrate that they could do three. A very friendly, albeit intimidating bunch!