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"Boom Town " is Cirque Mechanics' second show and opened in Tacoma, Washington, October of 2010. We run with a cast of nine and will be touring North America for the next several years. Already we've been booked in Montreal at the TOHU theater (just finished a three week run up there over Christmas and New Years) and will be at the New Victory Theater in New York later in the year. Check out the Facebook group "Boom Town" for complete tour schedules.

This is a fun show with lots of innovative circus equipment and acts. It is the first show where I'm not actually doing any juggling! This time out it is rola bola and some miscellaneous manipulation along with character work as "Clem" the miner. I also had a heavy hand in the show's script, so this isn't a torn-t-shirt-Eruo-angst circus...

This is a nice quote about me from the Montreal Metro review of the show:

"On pense tout particulièrement à l’acrobate Steven Ragatz, qui joue le prospecteur, et qui, avec son visage expressif, son humour et ses adroites pantomimes, n’est pas sans rappeler un Chaplin ou un Keaton. En entrevue avec Métro la semaine dernière, il avait d’ailleurs déclaré que «le cirque, c’est fondamentalement loufoque. Il ne faut pas trop se prendre au sérieux quand on fait ce métier.» On ne pourrait pas être plus d’accord."

Roughly translated, it says I was pretty good.


Here are some pics from the show:

For more info about the show, visit the Cirque Mechanics website.